Friday, 5 October 2007

AT LAST !!!!! The sunshine returned special warm spot was actually, well, WARM today!!! So I stretched out and had a good long lay in the sun, and Mummy brought me some apple treats and a tasty big spring greens leaf to munch on. It was SO nice! I hope it stays warm now, but I guess it won't as Mummy says it is autumn now so it won't last. So I am going to take advantage of it while it's here!
Penelope has forgiven me now for the blanket nibbling incident, which makes me happy! Mummy has given her a new rug to lay on now, though Penelope still insists on having her towel on top of it!
I had a manicure nails are all lovely and trimmed now! I am a VERY good boy when I have my nails trimmed.....I hold my little paws very still whilst Mummy cuts. And I always get a treat afterwards for being well behaved!
It is really late now, and time for all good little bunnies to be in bed I am going to hop off now! Talk to you soon! Loads Of Love & Bunny Hugs, Timmy XXXXX