Thursday, 29 November 2007

Hi Everybunny! :) Let's see....what has been happening since I last posted...

Well, the REALLY exciting news is that my friend Bobbin was on YouTube in his own video! I watched it over and over....I was SO excited to see him on there! And now today we have just found out that Bobbins pic is going to be on proper Christmas cards that are going up for sale....I have been pestering Mummy all day to buy she has had to give in! I am SO excited, and SO proud of Bobbin! He is going to be famous!!!!! :)

Four days ago Mummy went out in the morning, and when she came back I was stunned to see that she had THREE really odd looking, fuzzy little rabbits with her! She never even ASKED me if it was okay to bring them home or not...I couldn't believe it! And what's more....they are in the HOUSE!!! What is the world coming to?!? It is bad enough that I already grudgingly share MY house with Bertie and Binky.....but at least they know the rules and realise that the house is mine and I am the boss!!! These three are going to have to learn the ropes very quickly if they expect me to allow them to remain, that's all I can say!!!

Well, tomorrow it will be December.....can you believe that it is here already??? That means that Christmas is just around the corner, and we all have to be REALLY good little buns if we want Santa to bring us lots of nice prezzies!!! (YIKES......maybe I had better take back my remarks about the three little fluffsters!!! You can't be too careful when it comes to Santa!!!) What do you all want for Christmas?

Well, it is VERY late now, and Mummy is trying to hurry me along so that she can shut the computer down and go to bed! So I have to dash now.............until next time, take care, and talk soon!!! Loads Of Love And Bunny Hugs, Timmy XXXXX

Wednesday, 7 November 2007's me again! I can't believe that it has been a month since I last updated my blog.....we lost our internet for nearly three weeks, and Mummy and I have been VERY annoyed! It's pretty bad when a Housebun Extraordinaire can't even surf the web and chat to his bunny friends! We have been keeping ourselves very busy whilst we have been offline. Mummy has gotten all of the other bunnies all ready for winter and the cold weather that is setting in......BRRRRRRRR!!!!! I am very happy that I don't have to worry about such things! I supervised all of Mummy's work from a bunny's perspective to make sure she did everything properly!
I am totally over my illness now......and I have been eating like there is no tomorrow! I guess I had better cut back a bit now and show some restraint, or I am going to gain weight and lose my perfect physique!
I hope that all of you have been doing well whilst I have been gone. I have a lot of catching up to do!
Talk to you again soon!!!!!
Loads Of Love & Bunny Kisses, Timmy XXXXX

Friday, 5 October 2007

AT LAST !!!!! The sunshine returned special warm spot was actually, well, WARM today!!! So I stretched out and had a good long lay in the sun, and Mummy brought me some apple treats and a tasty big spring greens leaf to munch on. It was SO nice! I hope it stays warm now, but I guess it won't as Mummy says it is autumn now so it won't last. So I am going to take advantage of it while it's here!
Penelope has forgiven me now for the blanket nibbling incident, which makes me happy! Mummy has given her a new rug to lay on now, though Penelope still insists on having her towel on top of it!
I had a manicure nails are all lovely and trimmed now! I am a VERY good boy when I have my nails trimmed.....I hold my little paws very still whilst Mummy cuts. And I always get a treat afterwards for being well behaved!
It is really late now, and time for all good little bunnies to be in bed I am going to hop off now! Talk to you soon! Loads Of Love & Bunny Hugs, Timmy XXXXX

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Good grief.....what is going ON? Is it EVER going to be warm again?!? My favourite spot by the back door is still cold and horrible.....and when I decided to give up and go lay on the rug by the front door, I discovered THAT dog had beat me to it! I was NOT a happy bunny! So instead, I have now commandeered Mummy's fleece blanket and make myself a nice nest in it....a bun has to do what they can in difficult times!
Let's see....what else have I been up to today.....well, Lady Penelope (she's the cute white Rex girlie bun who I allow to share my house) is a bit stroppy with me at the moment - she has a towel that she drags all over the house to lay on....and today when I was having a bit of a bad turn because I couldn't find a warm, unoccupied place to lay, I took it out on her towel and bit some holes in it. I feel really awful now.....she came hopping over and kept sniffing her towel all over and looking at the holes. She dragged it out to the kitchen and took it under the table and has been laying on it for ages.....I think I really upset her. I hope she doesn't stay mad at me for long. I'm trying to act like it doesn't bother me, but secretly it does. SORRY, Penelope!!!
Penelope was naughty today too, and she got into the bin. She strewed the garbage around the kitchen floor, and I ran away and hid as I am usually the one who does that, and I was afraid that Mummy would blame it on ME! But I was lucky, because there was a tomato paste tin in there, and Penelope got it all over her face! Mummy saw the evidence on Penelope's face, and I was off the hook!
Oh yes, and as I am all better now and I have been such a good boy, Mummy bought me some of my favourite Alfalfa Nibbles I have been having a treat! :)
Guess that's all for now!
Loads Of Love & Bunny Hugs, Timmy XXXXX

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Okay.......something WEIRD is going on today! Mummy opened the back door today, and I usually like to go lay in the sun just inside the door. But today, I went over to flop down in my favourite spot, and a huge gust of wind came in the door......and it was COLD!!!!! Being somewhat pampered, ever so slightly spoiled, and of a delicate constitution, I do NOT like the cold at ALL! So I hopped back over and flopped down on my blanket and snuggled into it instead! Thankfully Mummy closed the door after a few minutes. I can't WAIT until they start putting the central heating on again......then I can reclaim my favourite spot by the radiator!!!!!
I am feeling very well now! Mummy still watches me very closely.......she is such a worrier! But I am eating VERY well, and my tummy feels SO much better!!!
Must dash off for my beauty sleep now.....though very obviously I DON'T need it - you can't improve on perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loads Of Love & Bunny Hugs, Timmy XXXXX

Monday, 17 September 2007

I haven't updated my blog for a while....I have been a bit of a lazy bunny! I have been enjoying myself over the past few days, as I have been feeling SO much better!!! :) My appetite has come back, and I feel pretty much like my old self again.....and Mummy is SOOOOO happy! I have been very mischievous lately......I got into the bin and strewed things around, chewed the lino a bit, jumped into the dog's water bowl and made a flood, and when Mummy fell asleep on the sofa, I sat on her head and chewed her hair until she woke up! I think I had better go have a nap's hard work making mischief! Loads Of Love & Bunny Hugs, Timmy XXXXX

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Hello! It's been another hot day here I have spent most of it stretched out and snoozing, and trying to do as little as possible! Mummy is VERY happy today, as my appetite seems to have picked up, and I was really quite hungry today! I managed to eat quite a lot, and Mummy kept smiling and telling me what a clever boy I am. And I was VERY happy too, as I didn't have to go to the weird vet place today.....YAY!!!!! I'm just off for one more cuddle with Mummy before I go to bed.....Nite Nite! Lots Of Love & Bunny Hugs, Timmy XXXXXXX

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Well, let's see.......what have I been up to today? I have been unwell for several days now, I haven't been eating and have been to the vet every day. I had to have 6 nasty jabs in the back of my neck so far! But today I got to have my medicine in a syringe to swallow instead of a jab, which was GREAT.....even though it didn't taste very nice! Mummy has been SO happy today because I felt like eating a little bit on my own! Mummy has been feeding me this week. I think I am getting better! I have been VERY playful and mischievous today, and have been making Mummy laugh! She sat in the middle of the lounge floor, and I started running around and around and around her in circles.....and every time I came to her legs, I jumped over them like a pony! After a while I got tired and hopped into Mummy's lap for cuddles and nose rubs. After about a half an hour of playing, Mummy went and laid on the sofa. I wasn't having THAT without ME, so I ran over and jumped up onto the sofa and snuggled up on her shoulder. She had her eyes closed, but I think she was faking being asleep, so I licked her ear and tickled her face with my whiskers until she opened her eyes and rubbed my nose and told me I was her special boy. Then we both fell asleep, and we have just woken up.....and it is VERY late! So we are both off to bed now.......Good Night!!!!! Loads Of Love, Timmy XXXXXXX

Friday, 7 September 2007

This is a photo that Mummy took of me while I was sleeping in her bed. The movie was SO boring that I fell asleep!!!!!

A Bit About me

My name is Timmy.......although I think that 'Timmy The Terrific' suits me better! I am a completely pampered and totally spoiled house bunny. I live with my two-foot Mummy and her family. I am an extremely handsome (if I must say so myself!) 4 year old Dutch bunny. I have to watch my Mummy VERY closely to make sure that she stays out of mischief, which means that I have to follow her around very closely every day to keep an eye on her! I love cuddling up with my Mummy on the sofa or in her bed to watch some telly. I also love playing with all of my toys.....though I also play with lots of things that I'm not supposed to! I hope that I make lots of friends here!!!!! Lots Of Love, Timmy XXXXX