Thursday, 27 September 2007

Good grief.....what is going ON? Is it EVER going to be warm again?!? My favourite spot by the back door is still cold and horrible.....and when I decided to give up and go lay on the rug by the front door, I discovered THAT dog had beat me to it! I was NOT a happy bunny! So instead, I have now commandeered Mummy's fleece blanket and make myself a nice nest in it....a bun has to do what they can in difficult times!
Let's see....what else have I been up to today.....well, Lady Penelope (she's the cute white Rex girlie bun who I allow to share my house) is a bit stroppy with me at the moment - she has a towel that she drags all over the house to lay on....and today when I was having a bit of a bad turn because I couldn't find a warm, unoccupied place to lay, I took it out on her towel and bit some holes in it. I feel really awful now.....she came hopping over and kept sniffing her towel all over and looking at the holes. She dragged it out to the kitchen and took it under the table and has been laying on it for ages.....I think I really upset her. I hope she doesn't stay mad at me for long. I'm trying to act like it doesn't bother me, but secretly it does. SORRY, Penelope!!!
Penelope was naughty today too, and she got into the bin. She strewed the garbage around the kitchen floor, and I ran away and hid as I am usually the one who does that, and I was afraid that Mummy would blame it on ME! But I was lucky, because there was a tomato paste tin in there, and Penelope got it all over her face! Mummy saw the evidence on Penelope's face, and I was off the hook!
Oh yes, and as I am all better now and I have been such a good boy, Mummy bought me some of my favourite Alfalfa Nibbles I have been having a treat! :)
Guess that's all for now!
Loads Of Love & Bunny Hugs, Timmy XXXXX

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