Friday, 5 September 2008

Hello Everybunny!!!!!'s me, Timmy!!!!! WHAT a dreary day it is today! It's damp, and it's cold, and it is raining REALLY hard. This of course means that I cannot lay in my all time favourite spot by the back door in the sun, which doesn't make me very happy! But hey, at LEAST I am dry! Today when Mummy was cuddling me, we went and looked out the back window......and you will not BELIEVE what I SAW! The bunnies who live outside were playing in the RAIN....they were getting WET....I could not believe my eyes! I mean, they have nice warm dry houses to go into - so why DIDN'T they?!? If I wasn't so averse to going outside myself, I would go out and teach them a thing or two! All clever yours truly!.....know that when the weather is cold or rainy or windy, THAT means that you jump up on the sofa and snuggle into the cushions.....or jump into Mummy's lap and cuddle down.....or, if you are lucky enough to find a radiator that is on, you curl up in front of it for a snooze. Or there is always MY personal go into the lounge where the dog is snoozing blissfully unawares in the armchair, and you stand on your hind legs and give her a quick nip on the ankle. You will be AMAZED at how quickly she will bolt from the chair! And THEN you jump immediately into the chair and grab the warm spot! I hope that you are all having better weather than we are!!!
I must go for now..........I have an appointment with the dog.......Mwahahahahaha!!!!!

Love & Bunny Kisses,
Timmy X X X X X X X X X X

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Hello Everybunny!

I got SO cross at my Mummy today! She has just taken my whole indoor house apart and cleaned it out, and took my litter tray out and washed it, and put all clean bedding and a clean blankie in.....the NERVE!!! I LIKE my smell.....I think I smell pretty darn good! And I HATE it when she sticks her nose in and cleans it all away! So I try to grab the dustpan and brush away from her.....and knock things out of her hands.....and grab the newspaper and rip it....and jump in my litter tray so she can't pick it up...I have MANY tactics that I use! After I had tried all these out, I threw my ball in the water bowl, and Mummy called me 'Mister' I knew I had gone too far! She put the gate up between the lounge and the kitchen to keep me out! I could see her messing with my stuff....but I couldn't do anything about was driving me crazy! To make matters even WORSE, Rosie was out there with Mummy ...and SHE was touching my things, too! GRRRRR!!!!!!! But after Mummy had finished it all, she held me and rubbed my nose and gave me HOOGE cuddles and I got some yummy treats too, so I guess it was all worth it! Plus I have to admit, my house DOES look really clean and tidy at the moment! (I'll soon fix THAT, though! Mwahahahahahaha!!!)

Must dash's nearly time for nom noms!!! You know what I always say.....'Call me anything you want.....but don't EVER call me late for dinner!!!' ;)

Talk to you all real soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loads Of Love & Bunny Hugs,
Timmy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Hi Everybunny!!!!!

Hello Everybunny!!! It's me, Timmy!!! I can't BELIEVE how long it has been since I have updated my blog! I blame my hoomin Mummy.....she is ALWAYS taking over the computer, and doesn't give a bun a chance to surf the net and catch up with all of his friends. She spends SOOOOO much time on the RU forum! But I suppose that is okay, as there is always the chance that she will hear about something new that will be beneficial to ME.....and I AM a bun who loves his treats and toys and to be pampered a LOT! She told me that quite a few more bunnies are starting their own blogs now, too.....and that maybe if I am a good bun - which of course I ALWAYS am! - that they will add me to their friends lists!
I have been feeling very well since my illness a few months ago. Mummy still kind of obsesses over what I eat and how often, though! She seems to inspect my *ahem* litter tray a lot, too, which I find RATHER embarrassing! I mean NOTHING private in the life of a Housebun Extraordinaire?!? *sigh* But really, I am happy to have a Mummy who worries about me so much !!!!!
I guess that is all for now.....Mummy says it is bedtime....and that means a treat for me - so I had better go!
Talk to you all real soon!

Loads Of Love & Bunny Kisses,

Timmy xxxxxxxxxx