Saturday, 19 July 2008

Hi Everybunny!!!!!

Hello Everybunny!!! It's me, Timmy!!! I can't BELIEVE how long it has been since I have updated my blog! I blame my hoomin Mummy.....she is ALWAYS taking over the computer, and doesn't give a bun a chance to surf the net and catch up with all of his friends. She spends SOOOOO much time on the RU forum! But I suppose that is okay, as there is always the chance that she will hear about something new that will be beneficial to ME.....and I AM a bun who loves his treats and toys and to be pampered a LOT! She told me that quite a few more bunnies are starting their own blogs now, too.....and that maybe if I am a good bun - which of course I ALWAYS am! - that they will add me to their friends lists!
I have been feeling very well since my illness a few months ago. Mummy still kind of obsesses over what I eat and how often, though! She seems to inspect my *ahem* litter tray a lot, too, which I find RATHER embarrassing! I mean NOTHING private in the life of a Housebun Extraordinaire?!? *sigh* But really, I am happy to have a Mummy who worries about me so much !!!!!
I guess that is all for now.....Mummy says it is bedtime....and that means a treat for me - so I had better go!
Talk to you all real soon!

Loads Of Love & Bunny Kisses,

Timmy xxxxxxxxxx

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