Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Hello Everybunny!

I got SO cross at my Mummy today! She has just taken my whole indoor house apart and cleaned it out, and took my litter tray out and washed it, and put all clean bedding and a clean blankie in.....the NERVE!!! I LIKE my smell.....I think I smell pretty darn good! And I HATE it when she sticks her nose in and cleans it all away! So I try to grab the dustpan and brush away from her.....and knock things out of her hands.....and grab the newspaper and rip it....and jump in my litter tray so she can't pick it up...I have MANY tactics that I use! After I had tried all these out, I threw my ball in the water bowl, and Mummy called me 'Mister' I knew I had gone too far! She put the gate up between the lounge and the kitchen to keep me out! I could see her messing with my stuff....but I couldn't do anything about was driving me crazy! To make matters even WORSE, Rosie was out there with Mummy ...and SHE was touching my things, too! GRRRRR!!!!!!! But after Mummy had finished it all, she held me and rubbed my nose and gave me HOOGE cuddles and I got some yummy treats too, so I guess it was all worth it! Plus I have to admit, my house DOES look really clean and tidy at the moment! (I'll soon fix THAT, though! Mwahahahahahaha!!!)

Must dash's nearly time for nom noms!!! You know what I always say.....'Call me anything you want.....but don't EVER call me late for dinner!!!' ;)

Talk to you all real soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loads Of Love & Bunny Hugs,
Timmy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


FrecklesandDeb said...

Hi! We just found your blog and wanted to welcome you BACK to blogging! We think you've come up with some really clever ways of trying to distract your mommy when she wants to clean your stuff. Freckles was taking notes!

We're going to add you to our blog list so that we can come back to check on your distracting efforts!
Binkies, Freckles
Waves, Deb

Ippo456 said...

I have to clean my chinchilla cages quite often because they poop 1000 times a day haha!
Are bunny poopies smelly?

Carlton Jamal said...

Yay, Timmy! I'm glad you've started blogging again!

You know what, I don't understand these hoomins and why they try and get rid of our smells! Yesterday Mama was in my crate scrubbing and I hate the smell of what she was using..... do you know what I did? I ran in circles and stomped my feets!

Ludo van puppy said...

Be careful Timmy, it's almost been a long time since you updated last again. :D That silly mummy of yours, cleaning... tut.

Timmy said...

Oh Carlton.....I KNOW what you MEAN!!! WHY don't the silly hoomans realise that the stuff that they are using to 'clean' after us smells SO much worse than WE do?!? *sigh* Ah well.....they ARE an inferior species, you know.....I guess they can't help it!!!!!

Loads Of Love,

Joanne said...

Timmy i love you!!!

Timmy said...

Oooooh, I SAY......I have a secret admirer!!! I TOLD you all that I am irresistable!!!!!


FrecklesandDeb said...
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