Friday, 5 September 2008

Hello Everybunny!!!!!'s me, Timmy!!!!! WHAT a dreary day it is today! It's damp, and it's cold, and it is raining REALLY hard. This of course means that I cannot lay in my all time favourite spot by the back door in the sun, which doesn't make me very happy! But hey, at LEAST I am dry! Today when Mummy was cuddling me, we went and looked out the back window......and you will not BELIEVE what I SAW! The bunnies who live outside were playing in the RAIN....they were getting WET....I could not believe my eyes! I mean, they have nice warm dry houses to go into - so why DIDN'T they?!? If I wasn't so averse to going outside myself, I would go out and teach them a thing or two! All clever yours truly!.....know that when the weather is cold or rainy or windy, THAT means that you jump up on the sofa and snuggle into the cushions.....or jump into Mummy's lap and cuddle down.....or, if you are lucky enough to find a radiator that is on, you curl up in front of it for a snooze. Or there is always MY personal go into the lounge where the dog is snoozing blissfully unawares in the armchair, and you stand on your hind legs and give her a quick nip on the ankle. You will be AMAZED at how quickly she will bolt from the chair! And THEN you jump immediately into the chair and grab the warm spot! I hope that you are all having better weather than we are!!!
I must go for now..........I have an appointment with the dog.......Mwahahahahaha!!!!!

Love & Bunny Kisses,
Timmy X X X X X X X X X X


FrecklesandDeb said...

You're right -- Those outside bunnies you saw playing in the rain were pretty silly! We'd never do that. Nope! Only the inside life for us.

Ludo van puppy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Timmy. I hopes you wasn't too mean to your doggy brother. :D

Carlton Jamal said...

I've been out in the rain, Timmy, it's not so bad.... but I sure prefer to be indoors in the warm!

Anonymous said...


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